Is It Safe to Use BODAMIX?


Our Process

Drinking water is important and we at BODAMIX strive to help our customers adapt to that pretty habit of drinking it. Just because dehydrating is a preservation process doesn’t mean you can use dried-up thyme or week-old fruits that’s not fresh.

We want to give our customers quality dried fruits, vegetables, and herbs at their best fresh point. Once we pick the prettiest looking ones, we go through a 5-step cleaning process to remove all impurities.

Step 1: Rinse — We rinse the produce with cold running water.

Step 2: Immerse - After the initial rinse, we immerse the produce in warm water with baking soda.

Step 3: Scrub - After about 10 minutes, we use a brush to scrub off labels and any other impurities (from fertilizers).

Step 4: Immerse - After a good scrubbing, we immerse the produce into clean warm water again for about 2 minutes.

Step 5: Rinse - After soaking for 2 minutes, we rinse the produce with running cold water and double-check to make sure the produce are all squeaky clean.