How to Drink Water When You Hate It



You know for a fact that water is vital to living healthy, but you often don’t choose water as the #1 beverage to drink. You rather drink coffee or tea or maybe even grab a yummy Frappuccino at Starbucks. Even though your mom encouraged you to drink those eight glasses of water as a child, and your nutritionist has recommended you on numerous occasions that water will be your savior in weight reduction, you just never took to the stuff.

You gag a little or can’t bare to swallow another gulp of it. Plus it just feels like a chore. When you tell people you hate water, it doesn’t go over well. They ask ‘How can you hate it when it has no flavor?’

The answer: it does have a flavor and that flavor is icky. You're not the only one. Trust us, we hated drinking water too. But one of our goals in life is to be wonderful and one of the things wonderful people do is drink copious amounts of water. It’s great for your overall health and works the body into naturally detoxing all the bad stuff in our bodies. So we’ve tried to look for ways to help us drink more water.

We tried brewing and sipping through different types of tea. This option wasn’t working too well for us because it made our mouth and throats feeling a bit dry afterwards. Also we wanted an alternative that didn’t contain any caffeine. We then found the option online where we can infuse fresh fruits and vegetables into water. Water tasted good and signaled as a great start, but that quickly turned bothersome. The whole process of going grocery shopping each week for produce became another chore for us, so it actually put us off on drinking.

We backtracked and started weighing in the pros and cons of teas and fruit infused water. Then it hit us — how about combining the pros of each? That’s how we created BODAMIX, where we use dehydrated produce that can be used to infuse water. Our mixes lasts long and is convenient like tea plus tastes great and refreshing like fresh fruits and vegetables (dare we say even better)!

We’re now on a mission to help people adapt a healthy and pretty habit of drinking water. Join us and drink your way to happiness!


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